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Hotel Project Website
Hotel Website

I have developed a fully functional Hotel Website for my Internet & Web class project using HTML5, CSS, AJAX, PHP, XML, MySQL, and JAVASCRIPT. I have also created user login, published MySql database and created a user friendly interface to query the data. The information stores in my Database when a user create a new account. Once a user create an account, he/she can log in and gets the special discount if they reserve a room. I have added the form validation which checks for errors before submitting the form into the database by using PHP for User name, First and Last name, password, email, and phone number. I have also set the cookie. The cookie is used to keep the business session alive when a user log in with their User Name and Password.

Click Here to check out my hotel website project and create an account!

Car Dealership Project Website
Car Dealership Website

This is my second project which I am still working on it by myself. So far, I have used HTML5 and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to design the website. Although, I still need to add javascript to estimate monthly payments and some other functions. I will also create a database for the website which will have many tables so the customer can contact me and ask me anything about a specific car and model or if they have any questions they can just fill up the form and submit. They can also submit the form to check the availability of a specific car as well.

Click here to take a look on my Car Dealership Website!

Business Advertising Website
Plaza Jewelers Website

Developed an advertising website for Jewelry and Watch repair store by using HTML5, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT. I also created a contact form which sent the user information directly to the owner's email address and I also added a google map in the website to show the location of the business. In the Homepage, I created a slide show of images with the help of javascript. A user can also change the image by clicking the left and right arrow.

Click here to take a look at Plaza Jewelers Website!

WordPress Ecommerce Website
Toes Tights and More

Developed a fully functional wordpress ecommerce website for Women's Clothing Store. People can buy the products from anywhere in the world. The payment directly goes to the owner paypal account. The contact form sent the data directly to the email address. I added wordpress plugins and wordpress widgets to organize the website. I also setup the shipping method, product tax, product categories, coupon codes and many more things.

Click here to take a look at Toes Tights and More website!